The Official Unlocks Terms & Conditions offers Full Time Support, Money Back Guarantee on all Smartphone Unlocks, with the exception of the following situations:

  • Once we commence the unlocking process (Your order and phone details are passed to the phone carrier) we cannot provide a refund for change of mind. We are required to pay the phone carriers to undertake the actions of unlocking a smartphone and that cost cannot be recovered once the process has started.
  • All prices and delivery times are as quoted. The delivery times are variable and can decrease as well as increase without prior notice. The delivery times only apply during business hours, not guaranteed turnaround time. This will apply to all unlock providers as well as ourselves. But we will do our best to complete your order on specified time and in case of any delay we will immediately notify you.
  • Refunds are not available for IMEI unlocks that are performed on incorrect IMEI’s due to you providing the incorrect IMEI. We are required to pay the phone carriers to undertake the actions of unlocking an iPhone or any other smartphone, regardless of whether or not the IMEI provided is correct and unfortunately, we must pass this cost onto you.
  • Refunds are not available for unlocks that are purchased from the wrong carrier. When purchasing an unlock, you must provide us with the carrier your iPhone is currently locked to as this is the company we will engage to process the unlock. If you provide us with the carrier you wish to move to, your phone will not be unlocked and you will not be eligible for a refund as we have to pay our providers to process the unlock, not complete it.

Fraud & Deception

  • We will not tolerate any attempts to obtain our services by fraudulent means. We report all such attempts to defraud our company to the relevant credit reference agencies and authorities. To combat fraud, we are obliged to log the IP addresses of customer computers at each and every stage of the buying and delivery process.
  • Any attempts to defraud our company are passed on to our dedicated Debt Collection and Fraud Department. We already work closely with PayPal, Dalpay, Google, Internet Service Providers, Law Courts and a variety of Global Debt Recovery agents worldwide to successfully prove that our services have been digitally delivered in cases of fraud or mis-claims of ‘non-receipt’. We are able to successfully recover monies in cases where payment has been reversed or charged back.
  • In case of any charge back, the associated IMEI will be blacklisted in the iTunes database, preventing it from working on all networks worldwide. This is PERMANENT.